The Curse of the Hollowed

The Curse of the Hollowed

First, what is the world of Dark Souls?
Dark Souls is an Action-RPG from the pen of Hidetaka Miyazaki, a dark cruel world with a lot of suffering.
This world is cursed in many different ways, for one, it is stuck in an eternal cycle.
Once upon a time, there was the age of dragons, a few unlikely allies started to fight them and created the age of light.
This is where that curse started, once the light started to fade Lord Gwyn refused to accept it and in his hubris, he burned his very soul to restart the age of light.

For a while this worked, until humans started turning hollow, instead of dying they would come back to life to haunt the living until a chosen hollow would awaken to unite all souls of humanity (the dark soul) and sacrifice himself to start it all over again.

This story is mirrored in the gameplay, as the player is one of that undead trying to light the flame again but there is a twist to this, not every undead is hollow. The core is that any undead who has failed will lose a bit of their will to keep carrying on, until eventually, they surrender, unable to die and yet without any hope.

The player is the character
Think about it this way, the player can either be the chosen undead and keep playing this game even though its famous for its difficulty or he can surrender, turn hollow and give up.

This is the very point I want to drive into you, the lesson number one we can learn from Dark Souls. Much like the undead in the game, we repeat every day, stuck in an ever-repeating loop of work, staying alive and not changing a thing. Most become hollow, they keep on going through the motion, but they will never climb or achieve change but then there are also the others, the chosen undead which will collect the Dark Soul and achieve their goal.

The game throws a dark light onto this, saying that even if you do that the cycle will still repeat, which is part of the reasons some turn hollow if you do or don’t, the end is the same.

But is it?

I don’t think so, while it might seem to be the same, there are changes happening, step by step, cycle by cycle, just as long as you pick your mission and keep going, refusing to turn hollow.

Ultimately I believe we can turn the curse into a blessing by changing perspective. Yes you might be cursed to repeat the cycle and your actions might or might not change the outcome BUT this also means you have many chances to make it happen.

At last, let me mention No-Hit runners of Dark Souls.
This game is known for being almost unbeatable, a challenge that will break most trying to achieve it, yet some have managed to beat the game without being hit a single time.
This is not an easy feat, it is something that takes thousands of attempts, failure after failure, a test of spirit and dedication.

The lesson is clear, what seems impossible at first and like insanity to most, can be achieved if you do one single thing,

Never turn hollow

Never give up

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