Meditek Portfolio

We are two German engineers with 10 years of experience each, this means we had plenty time to learn a lot of skills.

Psytek is a bachelor of science in applied computer science and Medivhus is an IT specialist and full stack developer.

Below we will give you some examples of our work so you can decide if we are the right fit for your IT needs.

Web Design

For years our main focus was on the creation of standalone applications which were focused on content creators on the platform, because of that there aren’t many example for our Web Design that are public.

This website of course being one of them and being another one.

There are a lot of misconceptions about web design, for example that the price doesn’t matter. While its true that just creating a decent looking website is no problem in our time, optimisation is where the problems start. Studies suggest that any load time above 2.5 seconds will have a majority of your users leave before they ever see your website. 
This can mean you are losing out on hundreds of sales just because your website has bloated scripts or too many plugins.

With our help you can either get a completely new website or update an older slower one to fix those pesky loading speeds!

Server Administration

Similar to web design it is very easy to rent and set up a hosted server in our time. But once again this is a surface level problem, a server needs proper security settings, regular controls, security updates and the surety that things run reliably.

Especially for smaller businesses it can be a problem to hire an in house IT specialist to take care of these things and hiring random freelancers every time can quickly create problems. 

Meditek offers an affordable service to set up and take care of your server problems, depending on your needs we can even rent the server from a 3rd party for you to keep you shielded from all of the work, just tell us what you need and we will get it done.

Software Development

This is our bread and butter here at Meditek. Be it freelance style requests for unique tools/apps or our own app releases across multiple platforms and systems.

Over the last few years we have released over 15 applications, from single use applications to entire bot systems for huge communities. 

We can create software in C++, C#, Java, Javascript(+node), PHP and different script platforms and have worked with a number of public API’s 

If you got a vision for a program that might change the world or your own work then we can realize it in record time. 

Being a two man team actually helps us with the speed of the development as we don’t have a bloated overhead which increases needed time and costs for any application.


In rare cases we also offer support solutions for small businesses, with this the need for your own IT department is removed and you still get the help you need to solve arising problems.

This frees you up to focus on your work without creating a big overhead for problems that might never appear(but surely will if you are not prepared)

After all its always a good idea to prepare for any troubles that might freeze your companies progress.