Our Products

On this page, you will find a list of our actively supported products! If you have heard about anything that you can’t see here then contact us and we can get you a copy that way.

These are our Twitch Tools

Meditek Closed Captions Extension

Some people have hearing problems, to be inclusive towards them you can use this extension to add closed captions to your stream. Simply install the extension and then visit the captions page on this site while you are live to capture your microphone!

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Meditek Q&A Bot

By far the best Twitch Q&A Tool in existence, you get an easy way to queue questions, show them on screen and more.
Extra features include priority queue for subs, sub/vip only mode and more!

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Meditek Scare Bot

This Bot will add jumpscares of your choice to your stream!
Let your viewers scare you with any png/jpg/gif and wav/mp3 and chaos will be happening.
Includes options for sub only and bits.

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Meditek Greet Bot

This is a simple tool to greet your team/community members and VIP’s with sound and a greeting in chat.
Make everyone feel welcomed back with this customizable bot.

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