IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing

While every company in our time needs some form of IT technology, be it a server to host your assets on, a customized website or simply customer/company support, yet for most smaller businesses the costs of an internal IT specialist are immense.

With the overhead most countries have for fixed employees the costs can quickly stack up, especially considering that IT specialists are usually not that cheap to begin with.

A solution is needed to solve this problem in a reliable way and that solution is simple, hiring an IT company on a retainer.

There are some companies, like ourselves, who offer a retainer to keep you a spot in their workflow to take care of those IT troubles for you.

One could, of course, make an argument for a focus on freelancers and one-off type of deals but this brings the disadvantage of unreliability with it. The freelancer you usually work with might be too busy to get to your pressing issues in time or if you have to use a new freelancer they might not be up to the quality/speed that you have gotten used to with your usual suspect.

“Manage the downside; the upside will take care of itself.”

— Donald Trump

As President Trump mentioned in the quote above, its the downside you gotta be careful about. This simply means that having a retainer with a company you have learned to trust will give you a great tool in your box for when those problems arise.
One call or email and suddenly your problem is being fixed, no uncertainty or willpower used to find a solution yourself.

Sometimes it is the smart way to try and solve problems yourself to safe some money but what our experience has shown us, especially in the IT and server security department, its a lot better to pay someone who knows what they are doing than go out and play with fire.

If you don’t have a company on retainer yet and think this all sounds interesting why not shoot us a message and talk to us about your needs.

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