Welcome to Meditek !

We help online creators and entrepreneurs with our simple tools to speed up your process and remove the busy work from your work flow.


High-end professional web design isn’t easy to come by these days.

Too many cheap and flawed solutions are available and users often don’t know where to start.

Tell us your vision and let us worry about the realization of your website!


No matter if you want a mobile app, a specific tool or a server focused service.

If you can think it we can code it!

This is our specialty!

So don’t be afraid to request a chat!


Sometimes you will need to set up a server for your business,

But hiring someone just for that is expensive and usually overkill.

Just let us set up your IT and keep things going so you can worry about the important things!

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Working with you was super quick and easy. You were receptive to feedback which made the HypeMeter extra awesome. I love it! It is exactly what I wanted and you even added some things I didn’t realize I would want/need.

Frank the Pegasus

The Q&A bot is an amazing quick and simple bot to grab questions in chat. 

I have yet to find a better tool to help organize questions for me in the chat.


Working with him to create, integrate and improve our community bot was a wonderful process. He worked fast, communicated often, and was receptive to changes and my thoughts. He understands Twitch better than most people and guided us along this process to create a better product than I could have imagined. 


The Meditek Team

Dennis “Medivhus” Nikrandt


Medivhus is a full stack developer with 10 years of experience and knowledge in over 8 different coding languages.

“I am most defenitely a mad man with a box”

Patrick “Psytek” Korzeniewski


Psytek is a bachelor of science in applied computer science and adds another 10 years of experience to the meditek team

“Eazy Moneys”

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