Ever felt like you need multiple Twitch bots to give you all the features you want and need on your stream?

Well not anymore! Medivha Bot offers almost all existing bot features already on the market as well as new and exciting features which have not yet been seen before!

Not only is Medivha Bot easy to set up and use but will also improve your stream.

For example: one of the advanced premium features is the “new chatter notification.”

When you have a large number of viewers or are focused on an intense moment, it can be easy to miss new people arriving and typing in chat. This won’t be the case with Medivha Bot – you will see the first message any new viewers say each stream in a special window so you’ll never miss anyone again.

This is of course only one of our unique features and if this sounds interesting to you then you can find a full list of all features here.


!(For now the Bot is Windows and Twitch only)!

With this purchase(10$) you get the Lite Version of a Medivha Bot account and 1 Month of premium use. Continued premium subscription is set at $10/month.

Only buy this once, additional purchases dont do anything.

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