Medivha Bot Setup

1.  Click on this link and create an account with the username being exactly like your twitch name.

2.  Contact us to purchase the bot for 10$, we will send you a link for the payment. You will be set up as quickly as possible directly after.

3.  After the login go to Medivha Bot to get into the bot setup, here you can enable features and change settings.

4.  Download the Client here

5.  Make Medivha_Bot a mod in your channel or the bot cant send messages.

6.  If you have any questions or wishes just whisper us and we’ll get on it asap.

7.  Whenever you change any settings use the reload bot button on the client(options tab) to reload the settings/new commands you added.

8.  A list of all the standard commands is here: Medivha Bot Commands

9.  An in detail list for all features is here: Medivha Bot Features Document