Medivha Bot Beta Features

On this page you can see an overview of the features Medivha_Bot has, for any further questions or ideas you can contact us anytime, we would love to talk about it. The Bot is in BETA so there are still some bugs and restarts every once in a while, be wary of that.

For a Setup Guide please follow this link and contact us for further information.

Feature Description State
Pointsystem As with most bots your viewers are collecting points while watching your channel and can use these for different things.
Medivha_Bot has custom currency names, costs for commands and rates that you can set up yourself.
Right now 1 rate(active viewers) exists, the beta will add rates for lurkers and while you are offline.
Quotesystem Quote the coolest things said in your stream to spam them into chat whenever most akward! Quotes work like with most other bots, a System to quote people easier is coming soon.

Custom Viewerlist
We use the IRC of Twitch to give you are more accurate Viewerlist which works even while their API is down(you can also see the lurkers again). Its a Viewerlist right now, soon it will get nicknames and notes and things like that.

You can use the build in currency system to give away things to a random person after they joined into the giveaway/raffle Works fully in chat, will get on screen fanciness at some point of the beta.

Dashboard Functions
You can set your Game and Title in chat or inside of the Medivha Bot Client. Will get presets you can set to instantly switch game and title.

Youtube Songrequest
People can enter a songid and play it, Medivha_Bot has an idle playlist for when chat is slow. Will get a way to just use names and possibly other API’s than youtube.

Chat Games
Play Roulette or have a guessgame to get more points/currency. We will keep adding games as long as people have good ideas for more games.

Custom Commands
Set up custom commands with ! or without. You can combine and chain commands. As time goes on we will make the system even more flexible.
Timed Messages and Commands Want the bot to tell everyone to follow your twitter every 15 minutes? You can do that as much as a guessgame every 10 minutes. This system is ready to go.
Betting Set up a bet and decide the winners after, they will get extra currency. As with most systems its working but will get more on screen funsies eventually.

A waiting list for IGN and twitchnicks so people can queue up to play with you. This one is done.

Have a little Poll in chat. Will get a visual representation for premium users.

Soundeffects(and visuals for premium users) activated by chat commands This one is done too.

Ever annoyed at that jumpscare showing in chat first and warning you?
Dont be afraid with this you can have a link in your pannel to trigger any command from there.
Basics are done, will get more cool stuff soon tho.
Alerts(Follow,Host,Subs) Alerts in chat and on screen, you can combine any Video/Text/Gif/PNG/Sound to create the ULTIMATE ALERT, well or just a meme alert, thats fine too. Alerts will get transitions and overlays soon

Link Control
Block links in chat, you can enable subs to post anything or just accept all links Also done.

The Main part of the bot is running on a server, so less lag and CPU usage for your end. You’re welcome. Done since day 1.

Refer System
Soon we will add a refer system to give you a chance to get the premium version for getting more people in instead of paying. Soonish
Discord Intigration For Subrolls and stuff like that. Not done yet.

All of this you get after paying 10$ once, for as long as we can keep the show running, lot of stuff right? But what about more you ask? Well we got you covered cause if you pay monthly you get the following things on top.

Feature Description State

You can create Teams, rival ones too, give em special commands and watch them outsmart each other in chat. Done

Newcomer Notification

Imagine having a bunch of really active chatters and the shy new guy comes in and says hi, you might miss them.
The client will show you the first time anyone
says something in that particular stream day to make you not miss anyone ever again.

Chat Keywords
Add Keywords to 5 levels and get those shown to you in a special window, for example set level 1 to join and every time someone asks to join you it will be in that window. Done, will get a few additions sooner or later.

While in Beta the premium version will also get the Following Things:
– Statistics for your Streams and Chat, everyone loves those right?
– Keywords that you can setup on the fly and not only prestream.
– Custom Botname for your channel
– Reward talent tree with a separate EXP/Talentpoint system for you to design and use
– Mod Client, a slimmed down version of the bot client, so your Mods can see the newcomers and keywords too.