Medivha Bot Features Document

This Document will give you an in detail explanation for all the features of the bot that are available at the moment, if you have further question to any of them please contact me on

Discord @medivhus#4233!

This is the System to have your viewer collect points while watching you.
Features to enable in the setup are currency, for the chat commands and interactions and
currency collect so your viewers can earn points in the first place.
The currency name can be set as well as the earn amount and time to earn, short example for that.

If I set the Earn Amount to 2 and the Time to Earn to 1 then that means my viewers will be given 2 points every minute. if I would set it to 15 earn amount they would be given 15 points every minute and if instead I set it to 15 Time to earn they would be given 2 points every 15 minutes. Only whole numbers will work and the smallest one is 1 for both.

Similar to the Points there is a second attribute collected, Watchtime(for commands and interactions) and Watchtime collect(for collecting of points) are the features to enable.
If this is enabled the viewer will earn a minute of watchtime every minute he watches, until the end of the beta this will also get an experience point addition for a reward “skilltree” the streamer can set up.

Enabling this feature will give viewers the ability to add quotes to the database and repeat specific or random ones in chat, good to keep memories of funny moments besides the clip system, its always fun to rip something out of context!

As the name suggest enabling this will give the streamer or his mods the ability to start a number guessgame, viewers can guess a number for a few points and will win the “GuessWin Amount” which can be changed, if they guess correctly.

Viewers can spin the wheel of destiny, if they win they dont gain anything but if they lose they get a 30 second timeout.

This feature enables the !tso and !yso shoutout commands which can be used by the streamer or mods to shout other channels out in chat. Until the end of Beta the message itself will be made adjustable.

This is used to enable the Raffle function, the streamer can start a timed event that will chose a random viewer from everyone who joined in to give them whatever the streamer is giving away.

With this enabled viewers can queue into a convenient waiting list for the streamer to pull from, perfect for viewer game streams.

As the feature name suggests this will enable bets, the streamer can set up a few options to bet on and anyone who bets on the right thing will gain the “BetWin Amount” the streamer set under options

Links/Sublink posting/Twitchlink posting
With this enabled all Links from mayor domains will be blocked, sublink posting allows subs to always bypass that, otherwise the !permit user has to be used by a mod first. Twitchlink is coming soon which allows to set the bot to ignore twitch links, this is useful if you want your viewers to be able to post clips at all times.

This Feature enables the alert system with the chatalert featues enabling the chat alert part of the alert system, the messages can’t be adjusted by the streamer(yet) but if you want to use this feature right away you can DM me and I’ll set it up for you.

All of the On screen alerts still need to be setup in your client under the Alert tab. There you can combine any gif/sound/text/video to create any alert you would want.

Enables Host on Screen alerts.

Enables Follow on Screen alerts.

Enables Sub on Screen alerts.

Bits and Donation Alerts will be coming closer to the end of the Beta, this is due to extra security measures we have to take for the donation backend

Custom Commands
This feature will be advanced a few more time as we want to make it even more powerful, for now you can do a bunch of different things already.

All Commands can be set to be used by the caster, mods, viewers or a specific team.
Its possible to create any !command message with different permissions, example would be the command hug with the function {{{s}}} hugs {{{v}}}, if then steve uses !hug bob the bot will say steve hugs bob.

So {{{s}}} is whoever uses the command {{{v}}} is the first thing said after the command name. Using ## infront of the name will remove the need for a ! before the command, enabling the bot to react to things like Kappa instead of !Kappa.

Custom commands can also be used to simplify other existing commands, for example
!sound frikk will play the sound file frikk when used. The custom command
frikk with the function command !sound frikk will make it so that users can use
!frikk instead of !sound frikk to play the same sound.

Simple Youtube Songrequest, viewers can use !sr !songrequest !requestsong and the youtube link or id to play songs. A Sub only songrequest is coming soon.

For usability sake you can setup an idle playlist too, for this create a youtube playlist with a maximum of 99 songs and go to your client folder, now either post youtube links(1 per line) into the songrequest.txt file, for single songs or write PLIST listID to parse the entire playlist at once next time you start the client.

While song request is active and nobody is requesting songs the bot will automatically use the idle playlist if available, thus removing the need to pause your SR and start something else if chat goes quiet for a bit.

This enables users to use the web button!wboo to play a random gif and sound from the scare folder of your client, this will show up infront of your game, on the screen you set up under options of the client. This can be paused in the client(so you dont have to disable it anytime you dont want it).

This enables mods and the caster(soon subs) to play a video from the client folder by using !video filename , this will only play mp4’s for now and displays these in the alert window of the client.

Hi Bot
enables the user to use !hibot to greet the bot, good for chat testing.

This enables viewers to play sounds or sounds with gifs of the same name by using !sound name, all files have to be in the sounds folder of the client. This costs 10 points and has a cooldown of a minute, these variables will be adjustable soon.
This Feature too can be paused in the client until you restart or unpause it.

This enables different commands to control a counter to keep track of things like deaths, a way to show this on screen will come with the Overlays during the Beta.
Message of the Day/Timed Message

Under the MOTD tab of the website you can set up timed messages, these will rotate through and send one of these to chat every MOTD_Time you set(in minutes). So setting that value to 15 will send a messages every 15 minutes. This Feature is good to shoutout your twitter,discord or general messages to chat without having to do it yourself.

Timed Commands
By starting a MOTD with the word “command” you turn it into a timed command, using whatever command you write after it, rotating through using one every 15 minutes.
For example
command guessgame 3 0
will start a guessgame every 15 minutes with the range 1-3 and a random winning number.

Premium Features

As a premium user you can set up teams, these can have rivals to be exclusive to each other and enable viewers to use specific team commands you set up. This Feature will also be advanced during beta and become more complex and powerful.

For now you can set up 5 levels of keywords that will be highlighted in the fitting window/popup of the client, this enables you to keep a better overview even if chat goes wild. The levels overwrite each other with level 5 being the most important one, so if a message contains the keyword for level 4 and level 2 it will be shown as level 4 highlight.

Never want to miss someone who asks to join you? Add the word join as one of the keywords and open the popup on your second screen, everyone who says that word will be added to that window.

This has to be set up pre stream, an on the fly custom level is in the works.

The Client has a New Viewers tab and popout, for every stream every first sentence anyone says will end up in these windows. Even if 20 people are chatting busily you wont miss viewer number 21 saying hi.
A slow mode to manage big raids/hosts better is coming soon.