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What is Medivha?

Medivha is a brand new and never seen before Twitch chat bot.
It has a lot of unique features and settings you can fully adjust to get all the automatation and overview that you need to bring your streaming game to the next level.

Further down this page you will find lists of all the Lite(10$) and Premium(7.50$/month) version features.
All premium members also have a direct communication line to our development team to share their ideas and improve your experience.

With the purchase of the lite bot version you will receive one month of premium to see its full capability.

Did you ever notice how most streamers are using more than one bot to get all the features they want?
Medivha is combining all the great features of other bots with our own addition of features never seen before!

Our developers spend hundreds of hours to bring you true german engineering.

Lite Version


User Management



Dashboard Functions

Youtube Songrequest

Chat Games

Custom Commands

Timed messages


Join Waitinglist





Link Control

Server Based


Premium Version

Your first month after gaining access to Medivha is premium so you can test all these features.


New Chatter Notification

Keywords Notification

Question System

Mod Clients

While you are not premium we will keep your settings to reactivate them whenever you get more premium time.