Become Founder

The Founder pack is a limited possibility for you to get all Tools and Bots we developed on our own for a one time Price. You will be able to recognize those products in our store(once its live) with the “made by Meditek” tag.

Because of the nature of the Founders Pack there is not automated way to buy it, use the contact form below to contact us in the case you are interested.

Founders pack includes:
– Earlier Access to the powerful Medivha Bot before its release in August, also no monthly costs on using it(20$/month saved)
– All other Meditek Tools will be free to you, even the premium versions.
– Priority in support and feedback. Once the initial launch phase of the company is done, around September or October, you will have a more direct line to us to tell us about your Tools Ideas if you want those developed.
– Get linked on the homepage with a short profile from you on the Founders Page. This includes a Picture or Logo, a short description and also a link to your channel or site.
– We will be thankful forever!

The Founders pack price: 125$.

While that seems like a hefty price right now, it will surely be worth your money quickly, once the first few tools and Medivha Bot are fully released.

Because we are a small team of two people and some features need more focus from us the amount of people who can become a founder is really limited and unlikely to extend a lot.

As final word let us say that we only created this “Pack” for two reasons, firstly people asked us for a way to properly support us and secondly so we can have the servers running without losing money with that.

Thank you for considering to support us and being awesome.